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The "Swingers"Still on the infamous 6th Tee - Proof of a hold up!!On the 6th Hole - The "Swingers" are all smilesHeather Chips in on the 14th HoleLiz putts for a two - the result...?Chip missed! - now the final putt ?Enough.......I'm off!!!Hurry - Hurry - the quick stepHeather's second to the 16thLiz about to strike............John..." I can do with a ride"Now we are relaxed - the 19th HoleSid - The Captain, Steve - Captain Elect, & Committee member Stan - relaxing and seemingly suitably refreshed.Post-mortem time !!Pre-Dinner drinksYou are looking gorgeous - no not you Joost!Cheers John - Hi David and the rest of youWe're enjoying ourselves - thank youCheers !!Cheers again !!